Below you'll find an assortment of original quest design outlines, mission radio plays, and interactive dialogue samples.


Zombie-Survival FPS (quest design pitch)

Sample quest design document constructed for a fictional narrative-driven zombie-survival first-person shooter. Prompt was to merge the story caliber of The Last of Us with the open-world structure of a Fallout game.



Serenity Adventure Game - DEMO (twine)

An attempt at recreating the branching dialogue options of a Telltale-style adventure game with one of my favorite one-season shows: Firefly (or Serenity, if you prefer, since this sample takes place post-film).



Logs from Suppression Field #509 (text)

Log entries from a Doom level I made. Meant to be in the same vein as the sort of entries you might pull up on a computer terminal in any given game and learn more about the word/what happened in the environment.