Below you'll find an assortment of original quest design outlines, mission radio plays, and interactive dialogue samples.


Zombie-Survival FPS (quest design pitch)

Sample quest design document constructed for a fictional narrative-driven zombie-survival first-person shooter. Prompt was to merge the story caliber of The Last of Us with the open-world structure of a Fallout game.



Third-Person Action Game (mission script)

Mission script for a made-up, Uncharted-inspired Star Wars action game partly that shamelessly preys on those icky pangs of sadness you still feel whenever you think about 1313's cancellation and the demise of LucasArts.



Cinematic Scripts

An original TV pilot (Act 1) for a sci-fi action-thriller, the script for a cyberpunk web short, and the transcription of a game scene I edited for Atlus are all available on the main portfolio page.



Serenity Adventure Game - DEMO (twine)

An attempt at recreating the branching dialogue options of a Telltale-style adventure game with one of my favorite one-season shows: Firefly (or Serenity, if you prefer, since this sample takes place post-film).



Logs from Suppression Field #509 (text)

Log entries from a Doom level I made. Meant to be in the same vein as the sort of entries you might pull up on a computer terminal in any given game and learn more about the word/what happened in the environment.



Fantasy RPG Conversation Sample (twine)

Fantasy RPG branching dialogue, including player choice in the same vein as Dragon Age or most western role-playing games. Decisions influence both the gameplay and the overarching narrative.