HARDSEC (pilot script)

Sample (First Act) from a pilot for a near-future cyberpunk series about corporate warfare and sabotage.

SMT4A (game script excerpt)

Excerpt of my editing  for Atlus. Introduces a fan-favorite character from the previous game.

Remember Me (review)

Critical thoughts on Dontnod's outstanding debut written during my games press days.

Star Trek: The Video Game (review)

Harsher critical thoughts on Nu Trek's effort to reintroduce the series back to video games.

The Labor of Objects (short story)

Cyberpunk story that explores how progress means becoming something new. Also in script form.

The Namening (comedy short)

A comedy short I wrote for the marketing team to promote SMT4A's name change.

Lost Planet 3 (dev interview)

Interview with Matt Sophos, Richard Gaubert, and Orion Walker—the leads on Lost Planet 3.

Questline (short story)

Fantasy short inspired by RPG questlines from games like Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls.

Logs from Suppression Field #509 (misc.)

Log entries made to tell a short story within a Doom level made in SnapMap. 

Internet Heroes (comedy podcast)

Comedy podcast I co-host with my good friend and former EGM coworker, Josh.

For the Win (news feature)

Longer-form news story written for Walmart's GameCenter magazine, which EGM managed.

Questies (D&D podcast)

D&D actual play podcast I started with Josh from Internet Heroes and some other friends.